Health = Wealth (literally)

Posted: January 21, 2021Categories: Health, Health Tips, Money, Success, Wellness

Has it ever occurred to you if you were more productive at work you would be worth more to your employer? Surely then you should be duly rewarded right? Perhaps a pay rise, or more annual leave, a nine-day working fortnight? Heck, even a supplied carpark is worth plenty, particularly in Auckland. What if you were so productive your company couldn’t afford to lose you? Now you are in ‘name your price’ territory.

The reality is too many people are not as productive as they could be… simply because they are not healthy. People who are not healthy can feel lethargic and demotivated. It is extremely hard to be productive when your energy levels are low and the workday a real struggle. The constant stress sure won’t help either.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. I have worked with clients who said their companies have benefitted enormously from the better decisions they are now making. These better decisions have come from having greater mental clarity.

Let’s have a (bank)roll through the simplicity of how to make this work for you (and hopefully it may even be a gamechanger!). Our philosophy- Eat, Move, Sleep, Laugh.


Eat- Let’s start here, because everybody has to eat. If you are fuelling your body with nutritious, delicious food and drink (and minimise the dangers of sugar, processed food and alcohol) you WILL have more energy.


Move- That extra energy can now be expended on exercise. Multiple studies have shown people who greatly reduce their consumption of processed food discover a previously unfelt desire to exercise (I can personally attest to this). This desire can turn into an urge- you are now off to the races!


Sleep- Decent food and exercise will help to reduce inflammation and joint stiffness and lower the stress hormone (cortisol) in the body. Lower stress levels will allow you to successfully unwind and enjoy quality leisure time before bed. All of this can only lead to better sleep (the holy grail of a good day).


Laugh- With good replenishing sleep comes ENERGY. With this in your armour make sure you are sociable and have fun where you can. Laughing is good for the soul and also helps to purge unwanted stress. With greater mental clarity after a good night’s kip comes better decision making- like choosing blueberries and Greek yoghurt over white toast for breakfast. And the wheel keeps on turning in the right direction….


The best part to this approach is it is totally sustainable. Even on a tough day you have the resilience and the necessary tools to cope with what life hurls at you.

So get yourself in good nick to start the year and make it known to your boss you mean business. They can’t help but notice because it’s good for their business. Follow this blueprint and you will eat, move, sleep and laugh your way to the bank.