About me

After a long and fulfilling career as both a journalist and sports broadcaster, I am now helping others to get healthy.

My path towards becoming a Health Coach began in my previous job hosting The Radio Sport Breakfast, the flagship news programme of Radio Sport. It was the daily 4am alarm which led me to search for ways to be healthier, to stave off the grogginess which often beset such unconventional working hours.

As I researched ways to improve my own health, and the results spoke for themselves, it lit inside me a desire to help others do the same. I now truly value a good diet, exercise and quality sleep. I know these all really count towards a healthy life.

I live in Auckland, NZ with my beautiful young family. My kids keep me very busy and I love it. As well as a passion for sport, I walk to stay fit, I love to cook and to be outside in the garden.

I am a passionate Health Coach and am inspired to help you be the best version of yourself.