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Life is challenging. Sometimes it is exhausting. It doesn’t have to be.

I am a Health Coach who can guide you to sustainably good health. I will help you to make better choices and find your own path to a healthy life.

Whether it be losing weight, finding more energy, getting more sleep or if you just want to feel sharper, I will coach you to attain it. I will tailor a programme to suit you and ensure it is enjoyable. I won’t put you on a diet and I won’t make you slog your guts out. I will empower you to change your lifestyle for the better. I live in Auckland, NZ but distance is no barrier. We can connect online or in person.

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At the age of 44, I’ve never been healthier than I am right now. I feel energised, centred and in control. It’s a terrific feeling.

Here’s the really good news. We can make sustainable changes so that your new, healthy life is just around the corner.


Packages that are tailored to suit with on-going support.

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How a Health Coach can help you.


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Don’t sweat a ‘magic number’

I wanted to have a chat about losing weight. It is no surprise many want to be thinner. Too many Kiwis are overweight, and our obesity numbers are among the worst in the developed world. Weight loss is a big deal for so many. And people can be set on an ideal weight or magic ...

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Taking the Power Back

Gorging out on yummy food is easy to do. We have all done it and it’s great fun at the time. The results can be bad news though. I’m sure you know the feeling- hammering away until you are bloated, feeling crook in the guts, then wondering what the hell you were thinking having the ...

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What clients say about my coaching

My wife and I have been working with Kent for the past 6 months and he has transformed our view on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. He has really listened to our needs and has formulated a plan with us to improve our diet and given us a much more active lifestyle. Although we are working with Kent from the UK via zoom, his personality and passion for health really shines through and it feels like he’s right here with us. I can’t recommend KJH highly enough.

Andrew McCondach

Operations Director based in London

Working with Kent over the past 8 weeks has made a huge impact on my overall energy levels and wellbeing. As a mental health professional, I was completely burned out at the end of 2020, following what was an extremely intense year due to Covid 19. Kent’s flexible approach and nutritional insights have assisted me to make some positive changes to my health habits that are both sustainable and enjoyable. Since working with him I feel less stressed, have higher energy levels, am sleeping better and am happier with how my body looks and feels. It has also given me a renewed enthusiasm for cooking, with ideas for new and easy recipes that are both nutritious and delicious. This has been an added bonus for me as a busy working mum! I would highly recommend working with Kent.

Jacqui Rose

Registered Psychologist

Kent – you have been a huge catalyst for change for me. You’ve inspired, motivated and guided me towards a far more sustainable healthy lifestyle. Thank you for making a HUGE difference. With your positive and relaxed style and your inciteful knowledge, I have lost weight, gained fitness and most importantly dropped in many centimetres round my waist. THANK YOU 🙂

Darren James

Real Estate Manager