What I offer

Health coaches are ‘change agents’ who inspire their clients to set and achieve new goals and build new habits.

What does that mean for you?

Perhaps as you read this, you’re exhausted, depleted and unhealthy. Maybe you’re carrying more weight than you’d like. You’re asking how can I find more energy? How do I get better sleep? Why am I unusually irritable? Heck, maybe it’s the relentless nature of parenting that’s really bringing your health concerns to the fore. Or your doctor has told you to make some changes.

Here’s the really good news. We can make sustainable change so that your new, healthy life is just around the corner.

My approach is based on the latest science, with the aim of making behavioural change exciting for you. My expertise includes nutritional counselling, exercise planning, weight loss, sleep habits, mindfulness and managing stress.

I’ll help you figure out the blind spots that have been preventing change, provide support and accountability, and impart my broad health expertise to help you get the results you desire.

Health Coaches intervene in that space between the gravitational pull of habit and the desire for lasting change. They help people cross the divide.

The Health Coach Institute

It’s never been more apparent than right now how unhealthy our society has become. And if there is anything to learn from recent events, it’s unhealthy people are more susceptible to becoming very ill from viruses like Covid-19.

Ask yourself, what price on good health?

I can help you achieve sustained good health in all its facets – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
It’s never too late to start. Let’s crack into it!